Terra Zemin Mühendisliği Limited Şirketi was founded in 1997 for using/applying up-to-date and advanced technologies in foundation and ground engineering areas. Having been constructed in a way enabling it to compete with both national and reputable international firms in line with its constant and healthy growth target since its foundation, Terra Zemin performed many activities both in homeland and abroad with its wide machine park and expert personnel. Thus, it became one of the leading commitment firms of Turkey in geotechnical area.

Human resource has been the most basic value for Terra Zemin since its foundation. Terra Zemin has assured to fulfill its responsibilities completely and on time thanks to its expert technical personnel who it trained with its own corporate culture as well as its field team with a high field agility and experience.

Setting out with the aim of permanent and sustainable corporate growth, Terra Zemin intends to use the information, creativity and experience of its employees by emphasizing their attendance at all levels. It also intends to maximize their workforce quality through the training programs prepared by it.

Terra Zemin has applied ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System successfully and it has been certified by the British certification institution BSI. It also pays attention to the sustainability of this system and maintains its sustainability in a successful way.

Terra Zemin can offer services in all activity areas of geotechnical engineering sector with its wide machine park. Terra Zemin continues its investments by keeping abreast of all developments related to its sector on the international platform so that it can satisfy customers in the best way.

Terra Zemin has realized so far by using the necessary technologies and systems many geotechnical projects and applications such as piled deep foundation, soil improvement, deep excavation and shoring system included in many construction projects such as highway, bridge, subway, viaduct, tunnel, business center, housing estate, industrial building and treatment facility etc.

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