As Terra Zemin, we believe in line with Occupational Safety and Environmental Awareness issues gaining importance day by day both in the world and Turkey that all accidents can be prevented; this can be achieved by ensuring occupational safety, raising environmental awareness and increasing the awareness level.

We act pursuant to the following principles while performing our activities in line with the philosophy requiring everyone working for us to be provided a safe and healthy working environment as well as requiring the environment to be protected:

 Complying with legal regulations and employer requirements related to health, safety and environment,

 Minimizing the dangers to which our employees, visitors and ordinary people may be exposed; determining all dangers and developing preventive systems,

 Keeping health, safety and environment risks under control,

 Leading and encouraging our contractors to create a safe and clean working environment,

 Developing the safety and environment culture through constant training activities,

 Believing that all injuries, occupational diseases and environmental pollution can be prevented,

 Establishing and operating control systems which will prevent the accidents and occupational diseases to be caused by our activities as well as preventing dangers or minimizing their impacts by choosing the business processes and equipments that pose no occupational health and safety risks. We adopted the following points as our principles,

 Using energy resources and natural resources in an efficient and productive way,

 Improving our quality, safety, health and environment management systems as well as our performance; learning from past experiences.

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