Responding to employers’ needs and expectations in the fastest and most appropriate way requires the application of a Quality Management System focusing on constant development in addition to involving all activities from the designing phase to manufacturing and post-manufacturing services.

Setting out with the aim of establishing an effective and sustainable Quality Management System, Terra Zemin created at the end of a long-termed process a dynamic structure which adopted constant improvement as a philosophy with a process approach in its all level activities.

Terra Zemin applied ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System successfully and it has been certified by the British certification institution BSI. It also pays attention to the sustainability of this system and maintains its sustainability in a successful way.

Focusing on becoming a trustworthy and preferred company,

Making constant improvement the basis of our system,

Applying modern and valid methods by keeping abreast of technological developments,

• Increasing the awareness level of our employees,

• Complying with legislations, standards and technical specifications,

• Working in harmony with our contractors and suppliers,

• Perpetuating employer satisfaction,

constitute the basics of our Quality Policy and shape all of our activities.

Established within Terra Zemin and equipped with cutting-edge test and measurement devices, our Quality Control Department ensures all geotechnical applications and all sorts of field tests to be performed without making any concessions from quality. Construction procedures and the quality control plan prepared for each project based on relevant standards is followed meticulously during the manufacturing period. Various quality control tests are carried out within the frame of this plan during and after the manufacturing activities.
Terra Zemin regards employer satisfaction as the guarantee of company’s future. It uses its all sources for becoming a trustworthy and preferred company.

We will constantly improve and maintain a quality management system which satisfies legal requirements as well as the requests of our employers.

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