Terra Zemin produces safe geotechnical solutions by using in an optimum way the economical field conditions which fit best to its technical office as well as the architectural and static projects of the buildings planned to be constructed.

Producing geotechnical solutions for many projects in Turkey, Terra Zemin realized together with Civil Engineers and Geological Engineers who are expert in their field high quality applications in parallel with the technological developments taking place in construction sector. It analyzes these applications by using updated versions of reliable software in Geotechnical Engineering issue. Terra Zemin struggles to bring its designs and applications to perfection by evaluating the data it gained thanks to the experience brought by these projects.

Requiring its technical office staff to be equipped always with up-to-date information, Terra Zemin ensures its technical staff to be aware of recently developed applications by encouraging them to attend occupational trainings. For this purpose, it prepares training programs for the technical staff and aims these trainings to be organized at a high rate within the relevant year.

Wishing its technical office also to work in coordination with application works instead of just working in designing phase, Terra Zemin supports its technical office staff for working jointly with construction sites. Thus, it aims field applications to be performed in a regular way.

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