Existing in a world order which is globalized through the great developments taking place in information and technology areas as well as maintaining a leading position in the race where new developments take place every day are only possible by responding to employers’ needs and expectations in the fastest and most appropriate way.

In Terra Zemin which as a business culture "focused on employers", it is a responsibility for the employees at all levels to make "constant improvement" concept the system basis. In this direction, we ensure high level employer satisfaction by developing our business processes, human resources, suppliers and subcontractors.

•  Possessing the pace and flexibility to keep up with the changes accelerating due to great technological innovations,
•  Having quick access to information and managing it,
•  Raising awareness,
  are the main elements constituting Terra Zemin’s philosophy.

It is a necessity of our corporate policy to work for a sustainable and improvable future in line with our business processes and corporate understanding.

Terra Zemin aims to become a company growing in a dynamic structure, making no concessions from its ethical values and quality in accordance with our basic principles. It also aims to make constant inquiries with its dialectical thinking pattern and engineering point of view as well as developing and applying actual, optimum engineering solutions in line with changing data and regulations.

As an enterprise performing successfully the projects it undertakes, we aim to meet the expectations of our employers, employees and business partners as well as sharing with our society the added value we create.


As Terra Zemin, we want to be a leading company in the sector by applying high quality and innovative solutions in construction and geotechnical engineering areas through our expertise, experience, constant improvement and perfectionism philosophy; to become a competitive company in global markets by maintaining a global structure as well as to become a part of the future.

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